EduChange is proud to build and Beta test Safecast’s new Air Quality environmental monitoring system during Fall 2016! Safecast is a non-profit organization building environmental monitoring devices for citizen scientists and those in the field. These devices connect to a global network that provides free, open data collected by users. The final Air Quality device will be highlighted in our high school STEAM module entitled AIR All Around. Students learn about air quality issues and global standards, gas laws, ozone, extreme sports where oxygen levels are low, and atmospheric chemistry. This module is part of our world-class, OER Integrated Science Program, and Safecast’s mission resonates with our citizen science data collection! The stand-alone AIR module and monitoring device will be ready Spring 2017, or get information about our full program options. EduChange is partnering with KitHub to deliver a radiation case study on Fuskushima: Then and Now, using the now famous bGeigie nano from Safecast. Email for more information.