We're Making science class Future-ready

Environmental Dynamics
Genetic Unity & Diversity
Food, Nutrition, & Fitness
The Quest for Energy
Health, Drugs, & Disease

A Comprehensive Program for Grades 8-14 Science

5 Strands ∗∗ 2 Levels ∗∗ 35+ Units ∗∗ 2-4 Year Options

No Additional Textbook Required

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What is it?

Real STEM is integrated. And multi-faceted integrated content organization is supported by the neuroscience of how teens learn.

Why do it?

Meet standards efficiently. Make assessment equitable. Make high school relevant. Support teachers. Teach students how to learn.

Program Features

Sustainable Open Education Resources (OER). Hands-on laboratory work. No lectures or forced memorization. Pro-PBL.

Expert Voices

Ongoing peer review by STEM professionals. Expert evaluation by educators and psychologists. See what they say.


4 different pathways. Begin at any point from Grade 8 (Age 13) onward. Meet traditional course graduation requirements.

Concepts + Practices

No more one-and-done. Recombining concepts and STEM skills over time across different contexts deepens understanding.

Student Artists

All students write and render ~30% of their digital textbook. We hold an annual competition to highlight outstanding work.

Academic Honesty

Teaching Digital citizenship is a must for the 21st century. We give students experience and easy-to-follow guidelines.

“Instructional design is one of the most complex, dynamic and underrated activities in the design space, and perhaps the most critically needed technology in education today. After leveraging design science and systems thinking for 17 years, EduChange believes that Sustainable Open Educational Resources (SOER) will greatly improve the quality of digital curricula.

Learner-centered, comprehensive, coherent instruction will never be accomplished by teacher assembly of disparate digital artifacts, including lessons. SOER makes collaborative roles explicit, permits ongoing, systematic revision, and supports reasonable teacher development through incremental changes over time.

EduChange delivers a secondary STEM program driven by authentic global contexts, ensconced in an evolving content ecosystem, and mapped to our current understanding of how people actually learn. We integrate and track 485+ teaching and learning variables.”
Catherine Saldutti
President & Founder