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Welcome to the Integrated Science Program

What is it?

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Program Features


Concept & Skills Spiralling


Most interested schools follow these steps:

Click to Call or send us a message. We’ll speak to you about convening your team and we’ll answer your initial questions.

✓ Share a link to this page with your team.

Download the brochure.

✓ Take a deeper dive into the nuts and bolts of the program by watching screencasts on our Vimeo channel.

✓ Contact us to review select materials in a shared Google Folder—see for yourself why so many teachers are clamoring for these sustainable open educational resources (SOER)!

✓ An EduChange team member will follow up to answer questions.

✓ Act early—Schools should plan to deliver a purchase order to EduChange at least 12 weeks prior to the date you need materials in hand. Teachers should have materials in hand in time for the on-boarding 3-day institute.

Please note: All participating schools must comply with our Academic Honesty Policy


Get free science teaching and general instructional resources!

Register here to browse our library stacks and benefit from what we’ve created and curated! Content is updated regularly.

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