Concept construxions in action


K. Keener explains how important it is to get students up and moving, thinking out of the chair. Concept Construxions (CCX) is designed for social, collaborative concept building–out of the chair. Download an alignment to the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Guidelines and see how we tap multiple representations and more.

Spectrum Thinking

Watch how high school students are prompted to engage in spectrum thinking by understanding the range of behaviors that a fictional character can exhibit along different continua. Concept Construxions makes this kind of thinking visible and concrete, and encourages student debate and discussion.

Layers of Literature

The building blocks of literature are unearthed, prompting students to dive deeper into literary analysis. Plot arc is Layer 1, which is the surface layer. Layer 2 focuses on writer’s craft, which proves a bit more difficult, and Layer 3 delves into the writer’s conversation with society, including historical context. Concept Construxions helps students grapple with tougher analysis.

Student Reflections

Hear students reflect on this lesson series, using Concept Construxions to discuss and analyze Joyce Carole Oates’ Where are you going, Where have you been?  The short story is available at the linked website.