90% of the time, “integrated” or interdisciplinary” programs are really just a smorgasbord: a little of this and a little of that. Most fail to truly mesh concepts and skills, and rarely can they be implemented by different teachers over time. In our opinion, any truly integrated program is best defined as:


Compelling contexts wrap conceptual understanding, skills development and reflection into a powerful package of learning experiences.


Everything relevant is an integration of components, ideas, perspectives and actions. Why should curricula be different?


An integrated curriculum is a celebration of global connections.
Break down the walls and build up the networks!


An integrated curriculum invites learners to tackle multi-faceted issues.
Thus, teachers must employ varied yet complementary instructional approaches.


Multiple entry points mean fewer learners getting lost, shutting down or giving up. Quite simply, teachers and learners trust learning experiences that are accessible.


Complex, significant, global contexts remain relevant forever.
Want a stable yet cutting-edge program? Integrate!

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Integrated Science Brochure

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Project-Based Learning & Integrated Science

Wondering how PBL and Integrated Science compare?
Check out this easy-to-read table.

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