The Integrated Science Program is a multi-year program for Ages 13-20 implemented during science class.

It removes disciplinary silos & leverages authentic contexts to make formal science learning as exciting as real-world STEM.

And it’s powered by PBL, UDL, competency-based assessment and the sciences of learning & development (SoLD).

Educators want to do more interdisciplinary teaching. The real-world relevance is interesting for students, and provides better preparation than siloed courses for both university and workplace.

But 90% of the time, “integrated” or “interdisciplinary” courses are just a smorgasbord: a little of this and a little of that. Most fail to truly mesh concepts and skills, and rigor is rare.

That is why EduChange built a comprehensive & coherent program that is:


Contexts Help Build Background Knowledge

We learn best through narratives that situate concepts, phenomena and evidence in a real place, with real people, and real consequences.
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Relevance Paves the Way for Innovation

It's time to equip young people with the knowledge and skills they need to negotiate the real world--and innovate for the future.
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Connect the Personal, the Local & the Global

Society’s most pressing global issues are integrated, not only across disciplines but across cultures, demographics & regions. Break down the silos & build up the networks!
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Balanced Diets are Diverse

We took cues from nutritionists and ensured that students were challenged across multiple disciplines, multiple skills & multiple ways to show understanding.
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Multiple Entry Points Invite Everyone

Multiple entry points mean fewer learners getting lost, shutting down or giving up. Support structures, maps & rest stops assist all travelers.
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Sustainable Open Education Resources

We pioneered the Sustainable OER model, and use it to evolve our materials inside the Information Age. Teachers & students benefit from ongoing updates.
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