Meet EduChange

For over 20 years EduChange has provided thousands of educators with high-quality, practical, and truly unique curricula, instructional tools and professional development. We focus on the secondary, post-graduate, and adult education markets and have particular expertise in some of the most difficult areas for educators to address, including: STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), competency-based assessment, teaching with an equity lens, and systematizing literacy across the content areas.

Many publishers, professors, and Ed Tech companies have introduced solutions that fall short in the classroom because they do not address teaching and learning— they are sexy without substance, esoteric without practicality, or they lack an understanding of research-based pedagogy. EduChange has the rare ability to bridge research and practice, to work with diverse groups of people at different career stages, to set desirable goals and then attain them, and to achieve measurable results.

And unlike most consultants, we have built complete solutions from scratch.

Our team is comprised of senior-level experts, each with 15+ years of experience. Collectively we cover all major subject areas, and are uniquely positioned to provide content, curricula and training on multiple digital and traditional platforms. Over 98% of all EduChange clients are serial collaborators, effectively shaping a professional learning community that is dedicated to growth and grounded in mutual respect.

For over 19 years we have lived by this elegant design framework. Note the healthy tension of ‘checks and balances’ that should be present in strong learning experience designs. What do you really value? If you say you value it, do you spend time teaching and assessing it?

Collaborate With Us

We are true collaborators. Many schools, districts and organizations consider us extensions of their own leadership teams. Every EduChange team member has years of experience, deep expertise, and clever ideas about ways to improve practice. With no pretense, we roll up our sleeves and work alongside you to help you accomplish your goals. Call us today and discover why we’re the people that clients call back.

EduChange collaborates with JEI to help students write full STEM papers and then submit to JEI for review and publication. JEI is a volunteer organization of STEM researchers who serve as professional peer reviewers for middle school and high school students. Our Integrated Science program marries inquiry skills, laboratory and engineering methods, and technical reading and writing skills that support students’ growth toward producing their own papers in Yr 3-4

For many years, EduChange has been touting the benefits of getting students to draw diagrams of their lab set-ups as well as lab procedures. It is a key step in modeling the experimental design. Now makes that work tech-based, bringing another fine authentic STEM tech tool into our Integrated Science repertoire.

EduChange partners with 1000 Women in STEM, a grassroots effort led by Dr. Ramesh Laungani at Doane University, highlights female STEM professionals using short videos. We tap these videos within our program as students encounter related contexts and fields of study. Great roles models and a way to diversify the narrative about who does STEM!