We are so thrilled to be collaborating with Colegio del Valle in Culiacán, Mexico and EduChange President Catherine Saldutti kicked it off with a K-12 faculty institute on developing STEAM competencies across the curriculum. Catherine reports, “Colegio del Valle has one of the most impressive professional cultures I have been privileged to witness—everyone is there on time for every session (including administrators, who participate actively the entire institute), ready to work hard, willing to learn and try completely different modes of teaching, helpful to and positive with each other, engaging in high levels of intellectual discourse about both the technical content and the pedagogical implications…Many schools display some of these attributes solidly, but to witness all of them in every member of the faculty–wow.  Just wow.” The teachers in the photo are designing antivirals. The institute also addressed 2D-3D visualization and modeling, and citizen science with Smart Phone apps that cover the Monarch butterfly migration to and from Mexico. We put the “A” in STEAM through a comparative analysis of historical paintings, and introduced the EduChange C3 Competency-based Assessment Framework that align with COMPETENCIAS DISCIPLINARES BÀSICAS DEL SISTEMA NACIONAL DE BACHILLERATO.  The school will implement our 3-year model of Integrated Science. Full STEAM ahead!