STEM is Integrated.   And Connects Personal  LOCAL Global.

Gone are the days of silos. STE(A)M is interconnected, international, and interdisciplinary, and there is no going back. We are the only learning designers who have produced a model that includes all of the content required by traditional secondary and Community College/Polytechnic schools, in a completely new lifelong-learning architecture driven by current global contexts that cross-cut a variety of STEM disciplines. And it is rich in 21st century reading, writing, speaking and listening for an Information Age. International peer review for students? Join us! Click here to view the screencast series on our Vimeo channel for a deep dive into the program.


Increasing rigor earlier decreases stress later

We understand that the pressure of national and programmatic exams heighten teacher and learner anxiety. Integrated Science is the perfect precursor to IB/DP and AP science courses. One principal comments: “[Integrated Science is] very strong in terms of content and intellectual rigor, in terms of asking kids to make choices and decisions in collecting and evaluating data. They’re really figuring things out.”

IB Diploma Programme

Integrated Science attends to the following DP requirements:

• IB Learner Profile Attributes
• Short and Long-term Investigations
• Key & Related Concepts
• Interdisciplinary Project
• Interdisciplinary Project

AP Science

Integrated Science attends to the following AP requirements:

• Science Practices
• Inquiry-based Investigations
• Big Ideas
• Enduring Understandings
• Essential Knowledge

And for those of you interested in aligning to standards, we’re way ahead of the pack. Back in 2010 we examined Common Core, and then in 2011 we took a deep dive into the NRC’s Framework for K-12 Science Education on which the Next Generation Science Standards are based. Our upgraded, digitally deliverable, comprehensive program of 2000+ pages was ready to go for the 2013-2014 school year.

Why? We didn’t have to start from scratch. We’ve been incorporating best-practice literacy strategies, applied math, peer collaboration, skills tracking & assessment, and engineering design principles for over a decade. We invite you to see for yourself:

We’ve prepared a cover letter and 3 sample Next Generation Science Standards alignments for 3 of our 35+ labs. You’ll see just how well our integrated approach captures their 3 dimensions.

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Close reading in the content areas is one of the main thrusts of the Common Core State Standards. Here we share our strategic incorporation of critical reading strategies across a variety of authentic STEM genres.

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“A word of caution, it is easy to fall victim to the temptation to tell yourself that you are already using some teaching strategies that align with the Framework and NGSS. While you likely have some excellent lessons in your repertoire, this new vision of science teaching represents a true innovation for the vast majority of us.”
-Zoe Evans, Assistant Principal, Former Science Teacher & Guest Blogger for NSTA

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