Catherine Saldutti has over 30 years of experience in secondary education, and has served as a teacher, administrator, professional development provider, evaluator, and edupreneur. She founded EduChange in 2000 to fundamentally reimagine and redesign the systems and structures that deliver formal education. She led EduChange to serve over 350 schools in New York City, several school districts across the USA, and schools in Sao Paulo, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Culiacan and Tijuana. Catherine has pioneered novel educational designs and actualized them with her team of researchers, master educators, and STEM professionals. These designs include Sustainable Open Educational Resources (SOER) for regenerative educational publishing, multi-year competency-based assessment systems, educational content that is “born accessible,” transdisciplinary instructional models, and on-the-job teacher training programs. Catherine holds a patent for the Concept Construxions product line, a transdisciplinary pattern-recognition system that helps learners construct multiple representations of concepts socially and collaboratively. Polytechnic schools in Singapore and New Zealand, as well as hundreds of teachers in the USA, have been trained with these methods. She is now developing transdisciplinary collaboration models based on the international STEM expert peer review that powers The EduChange Integrated Science Program. Catherine earned degrees from Stanford University, where her independent study on International Technology Education contributed to the late J. Myron Atkin’s work on TIMSS development, and The Harvard Graduate School of Education, where she served as Chair of the Dean’s Advisory Committee. She speaks regularly to international audiences of educational thought leaders, the EdTech community, administrators, teachers, and parents in the USA, China, Brazil, The Netherlands, Chile, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Download Catherine’s professional CV here.