Episode 93 on the Education Evolution podcast is an on-ramp to thinking about Time, Trust and Mastery.

How many times have you commented that you need more time in the day? Pretty much every day, right? We get it!

As much as we ask for it, deep down we know that we can’t get more time. But what if we look at time in a different way?

What if we stop trying to cram as much as we can into a single day, and instead start looking at what we’re doing and what we’re teaching and learning as a continuum–one where we can revisit concepts and ideas regularly?  Children don’t learn like we’ve been teaching. And when they don’t master a concept when they’re scheduled to master it, we’re not doing a good job of reteaching in a way that is accessible for them.

On the Education Evolution podcast, Dr. Maureen O’Shaughnessy talks with Catherine Saldutti, President & Founder of EduChange, about using time and trust to help students with mastery. And trust goes well beyond students trusting the teacher.

This is such an important conversation and the number of resources Catherine offered throughout the interview are linked in the show notes.

We need to stop checking off concepts we’ve covered (that no one mastered) and start teaching everyone that learning never ends.

By dismantling common time structures, assessment systems and disciplinary program pathways, we can architect learning the way we need to.

Tune in now!