In Fall 2021 we celebrated our 5th Anniversary of the inclusion of ALL 17 GLOBAL GOALS in 4 full years of Integrated Science!

Every September the United Nations reports on the issues articulated in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Five years ago, we made a design commitment. Our designs now intentionally and thoughtfully connect multiple SDGs to each place-based STEM story we use to teach formal science class to learners of Ages 13-20. We tap the power of SDGs to achieve deeper learning over long periods of time. Learn more about the STEM Experts who helped us!

See Our Video About SDGs and STEM Stories

In August 2021, EduChange launched a multi-school action in California. We built a multi-month PBL study on water issues and watershed connectivity that connects 8 SDGs. Local and national experts from the Long Beach Water Department, the EPA’s Bloomwatch team, and a SoCal Edison engineer worked alongside students to share expertise, discuss career pathways, and support place-based STEM.

Learn More on this Special Act4SDGs Web Page!

5 schools participated over the course of 5 months, and close to 1000 students in Grades 9-10 got hands-on experience with water issue that touch them personally, locally and globally:

  • Watersheds, sinking aquifers, saltwater intrusion
  • Groundwater, wells, monitoring and water quality testing
  • River pollution & protection, with case studies of Rio Santiago in Jalisco, MX and Flint River in MI, USA
  • Hydropower, drought and energy infrastructure
  • Phytoplankton Blooms, HABs and biomagnification — including Community Science with the EPA!
  • Sustainability in the Gulf of California and the creation of the Cabo Pulmo Marine Reseve
  • Overfishing, Aquaculture and the Future of Seafood
  • Ocean Protection & Conservation

It’s a great example of how we customize our Integrated Science Program for Ages 13-20