The EdActive Summit assembled changemakers across the globe for a 2-day virtual event in April 2022. The Summit showcased the people on the front lines of policy, activism, technology, school, and instructional design. Catherine was an invited presenter, one among those who are doing the work and leading the change at the home, community, state, national and international levels. Her presentation Built for Growth: How Open Learning Architecture Supports Diverse Learners focused on how EduChange tapped the Sciences of Learning and Development (SoLD) to open assessment, disciplines and learning experience designs for secondary students. And it’s not just eduspeak: we’ve actually built a comprehensive model that busts barriers for high school science. The video transcript is provided in the link above.  To continue the discussion at your school or community site, check out the references below:

See the Q&A after the Summit presentation for additional insights!

Maureen O’Shaughnessy, EdD, hosted the Summit. Maureen is a career school innovator with over 30 years of transforming learning in schools to better serve all students and author of Creating Micro-Schools for Colorful Mismatched Kids. She is the founding director of Leadership Preparatory Academy (2013), a nonprofit , innovative, human-centered micro-school in Washington State; and Micro-School Coalition (2019), a cooperative of micro-schools across the globe. Maureen also hosts the Education Evolution podcast where many of the Summit speakers and other ed. leaders share insights from the field.  Check out Catherine’s episode with Maureen, entitled Time, Trust and Mastery in Education from early 2022.