On October 3, EduChange President Catherine Saldutti was an invited guest on a panel devoted to Global Access to Technology and Education for Development. The panel was hosted by Delta Phi Epsilon (DPE), The University of Southern California’s first and only co-ed foreign service society. The panel was part of their Week of Action for ActforSDGs events hosted around the world. EduChange also participates in these annual events.

DPE partnered with a Kenyan based non-profit called TechLit Africa to host a discussion of global access to technology and its impact on development. DPE has 200+ alumni and members over a broad spectrum of majors and organizations across campus. DPE fosters a community of academic, globally-minded, scholarly, and professional individuals. Regardless of background, DPE focuses on global perspectives and how they connect our endeavors.

USC students asked the panelists these questions, and invited lively discussion from members of the student audience:

  • What are some of the biggest barriers to equal access to tech education, and how does this impact global development?
  • What changes would you like to see in the education and/or tech space?

EduChange remains committed to digital and technological literacy development, and has articulated 4 years of sequenced instruction in productivity tools, creativity suites, authentic STEM databases, and high-quality educational interactives for STEM. EduChange also ensures equitable access through training on the use of Assistive Technology tools for device, browser, app and web page personalization.