On the Technology & The Mind podcast, Dr. Nicolle Zapien talks with Catherine Saldutti, President & Founder of EduChange, about the motivations, decisions and values that drive the learning systems designs of EduChange. EduChange is, in fact, an EdTech firm. Catherine explains why in this episode.

Dr. Zapien runs The Center for Psychoanalysis and Technology in the California Bay Area. Her transdisciplinary podcast Technology & The Mind is dedicated to exploring contemporary psychoanalytic ideas applied to consumer technology use cases.

This is such an important conversation and the number of resources Catherine offered throughout the interview are linked in the show notes. Did you know that one objective of the underlying mechanics of the EduChange assessment system is to help decrease teen suicide rates?

Consumer technologies, like social media and video games, have harmful impacts on the human psyche and emotions. As educators and parents struggle to come to terms with the magnitude of influence Big Tech has on schools, we also must admit past missteps with social media. Should social media be blocked in schools and school-related activities? The data support such a move.

Listen to this fascinating conversation about how the unconscious plays a role in learning, in development and in creativity.

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