Check out Catherine’s latest article, entitled Open Learning Architecture: Curricular Resilience for a VUCA World, on p.19 of School Rubric’s InterACT Magazine, available only online. In the article, Catherine shares our decades-long journey toward more resilient instruction & assessment for students age 13-20 in a VUCA world—one that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. We have never been more confident in our 10 major Design Shifts than during the global pandemic. Design decisions that embed SEL into the mechanics of a 4-year academic system, use disciplinary time differently, and finally say “No More One-and-Done,” are among several maneuvers that support teachers and learners even when environments change drastically.

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“We call it Open Learning Architecture, where: open refers to a more fluid, dynamic expectation for all facets of curriculum; learning is centered as the ‘why’ of the classroom; and architecture provides the systems and structures that confer stability in a range of conditions. I’m happy to report that turning [VUCA] on its head—in the pursuit of vision, understanding, courage and adaptability (George, 2017)—has allowed us to achieve a high level of academic resilience.”

Learn how Integrated Science uses Open Learning Architecture to replace outdated, inequitable, single-year courses with a multi-year, PBL, competency-based high school science program. Join the cadre of resilient schools for 2021-22!