We celebrated #OpenEducationWeek, did you? We joined with the ISTE STEM Professional Learning Network to present some highlights of our Sustainable Open Education Resources strategy that we’ve been building since 2001! We began a journey to completely re-engineer high school instruction and assessment 19 years ago, and OER has been a key element of our content system since then. If you are new to OER, an experienced curator, or an ed. leader seeking a big-picture strategy, we guarantee you’ll hear some things others aren’t discussing!

Here are some ways we’ve optimized the use of OER (some are quite different from what others discuss!):

  • ensconce learners in the information age in real time
  • support the neuroplasticity of teen brains
  • integrate multiple types of edtech effectively
  • provide a test site for new edtech
  • foster multiple realms of literacy 
  • serve as on-the-job PD
  • participate in the circular economy

View the webinar and download the schematic to equip yourself for discussions at your school.