Catherine Saldutti led two workshops at The International Literacy Association’s ILA Intensive: Nevada on June 21-22 in Las Vegas.

  • Closing Gaps, Providing Access, Equipping Teachers: The Administrator’s Role in Increasing Equity in STEM
  • Want to Increase Equity and Representation in STEM? Give Students Functional Access to 21st-Century STEM Literacies

For over a decade, only 20% of U.S. high school graduates have performed proficiently in science, with students of color ranking in the single digits. These statistics will persist until all learners are provided with functional access to 21st century STEM literacies, including tangible access to high-quality, authentic STEM content; critical literacy strategies that permit cognitive access and eventual comprehension; and access to culturally diverse narratives that invite personal, local, and global STEM connections.

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For over 19 years we have been committed to intertwining content knowledge and literacy education in secondary content areas. We explicitly curate diverse text sets; use global contexts that deliver narratives from diverse cultures and scenarios; prompt students to make personal, local and global connections; embed authentic STEM reading and writing into DAILY lessons; and engage students in peer review. If we are serious about STEM, we need to get serious about disciplinary literacy, especially in high school science.