International Student Arts Competition

CANCELLED FOR 2022 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

We plan to resume the competition for the next school year…watch this space!

Competition Guidelines

Do you enjoy drawing, illustrating, designing diagrams, taking nature photographs/videos, or building animations? We invite you to help us improve scientific understanding and foster an appreciation of the natural world.

Submit an original work that enhances the treatment of a particular topic/concept covered in Integrated Science I & II. All entries require a half-page description of your work, to include the exact location where you would like the work placed (Unit number, activity title, page number, opening line of a nearby paragraph). Remember that the audience is cross-cultural, and learners range from age 13-adult.


Must be currently enrolled in, teaching, or an alum of the Integrated Science Program at Level I or II. Only one (1) submission per category per person, either solo or in teams. For example, if you submit solo in one category you cannot submit as a member of a team in the same category. However, you can submit in two or more categories. The same entrant is not eligible to win more than twice.


Drawings and illustrations: Hand-rendered drawings show off artistic talent but also depict a realistic representation of a natural subject. Color or black/white accepted. Submit scans using the highest resolution available to you, in JPEG, TIF or PNG format.

Diagrams and Charts: Redo an existing Figure in the labs, or design one in a place where you think one is needed. Maybe rendered artistically, by hand (see above) or via digital applications. Scientific accuracy and citations required. Export/scan using the highest resolution available to you, using JPEG, TIF or PNG format (minimum resolution 300 dpi; higher scanned resolutions are preferred). Black-line structural formulas are not eligible.

Nature Photography: Know a cool example of a species that demonstrates a concept presented in the Program? Microscope images (micrographs) accepted! Drone photography, anyone? Snap a high-quality photo and Export using the highest resolution available to you, in NEF/RAW or JPEG format. 1 photo per student.

Videos: Capture nature in action–including under the microscope!–using HD video and Export using the highest resolution available to you, in any h.264 video format (i.e., .mov, .mp4, .m4v, .wmv). The video should be titled with the subject and videographer names. 2 minutes maximum length. Audio is optional. 1 video per student.

Animations: Many natural processes are dynamic, and dynamic models can support our understanding. Scientific accuracy and citations required. 2 minutes maximum length. Audio optional. 1 animation only per student. HD video preferred in an h.264 video format (i.e., .mov, .mp4, .m4v, .wmv).

Expressions of Interest: By March 29, 2024

Send an email to to register interest and receive final technical submission instructions. State your full name(s), teacher name(s), school name, and whether your submission relates to Level I or II. Please cc the teacher on the email.

Final Deadline: April 14, 2024, 18:00 local time of school

Submissions must be date-stamped by the deadline. Artists must be available to respond to emails in case of questions.


• One (1) person or team per category will be awarded a single cash prize valued at $300 USD, to be awarded in local currency.

• Winning schools also will receive a laboratory supplies gift certificate from their supplier of choice.

Winners will be recognized on our website, and art projects will be shared at international conferences and events.

• Winners announced one month after the deadline.

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