This black-and-white image of a young adult sitting at a flat desk that has been covered with doodles and drawings. The person's head is replaced with a 3D geometric shape, which has burst open and is releasing brightly colored streams, shapes and figures.

From OER to OE Mindset: Learning Systems Design in an Information Age for a Circular Economy

Designing for Open Education goes far beyond free textbooks that instructors modify. This online conversation explores some topics that we have been using to design our Sustainable Open Education Resources (SOER) model for the past 20 years. Join us for this 50-minute conversation and contribute your ideas. Sample OER and schematics of our SOER model will be shared! Topics include:

  • Ensconcing Learning Designs in the Information Age
  • Designing for 4 Types of Evolving Technologies
  • Disciplinary Literacy & Student Production of Knowledge
  • Effective Sustainable OER
  • Learning Designs for a Circular Economy (what’s that? Join us to learn more!)

Thursday, March 5
7:00 am Pacific USA (UTC-8)