How to Re-Engineer High School Academics:
A Discussion for Non-Educators

The global COVID-19 lockdowns have highlighted many problems in high school & higher ed. systems that have existed for a long time. The truth is that these academic structures were never designed to support human learning. What can be done? How can we re-engineer these systems to serve a wide diversity of learners? How can we ensure all students will learn skills that actually map to 21st century workplaces, and learn ways to sustain their well-being?

For 20 years we’ve been answering those questions. Spoiler alert: It is VERY possible to re-design these entrenched academic systems. Join us to learn how–in plain talk (no Eduspeak!)

Who counts as a “non-educator?”

  • Perhaps you don’t have children in schools. 
  • Perhaps you are a recent graduate and have just experienced these systemic problems. 
  • Perhaps you are an employer or manager wondering how we can address workplace needs. 
  • Perhaps you are a parent, guardian, godparent or grandparent.
  • Perhaps you are a concerned citizen who cares about education.

We welcome you! Come to ask questions & share your concerns. Everyone matters in this conversation.

Thursday, June 25

Saturday, June 27

Tuesday, June 30