EduChange is thrilled to collaborate with Safecast Japan, the amazing all-volunteer data warehousing organization that was born in 2011 after the Fukushima disaster.  We helped equip student citizen scientists at ASIJ with Safecast’s state-of-the-art bGeigie Nano, the workhorse geiger counter that Japanese residents have used to collect over 30 million publicly-available data points about the status of radiation post-Fukushima. Joe Moross &  Azby Brown, Safecast members (Azby also serves as Director of the Future Design Institute at the Kanazawa Institute of Technology in Tokyo), spoke to Grade 8 students in September 2015 as they launched Environmental Dynamics I, customized by EduChange to focus on the ongoing Fukushima narrative. We can’t wait to equip students around the globe with Safecast’s air quality data devices–stay tuned and Follow @safecastjapan on Twitter!