We are pleased to share that our ever-evolving Integrated Science Program is nearly synonymous with the requirements laid out by the PISA 2025 Science Framework. Compare our visual to theirs! Do you see why breaking down silos is the best way to build learning experiences for teens and adult learners? 

The PISA 2025 assessment is a key indicator used to view science educational attainment across OECD member nations. According to the OECD: “The PISA 2025 science framework defines the competencies that are developed by science education. These are perceived to be a key educational outcome for students, to engage with science-related issues, with the ideas of science, and to use them for informed decision making. The scientific competencies define what is considered important for young people to know, value, and be able to do in situations requiring the use of scientific and technological knowledge….The degree to which 15-year-old students can undertake these tasks is a measure of the outcomes of their science education.” (Note to US educators: this framework captures NGSS in more straightforward way.)

Integrated Science EXCEEDS the PISA 2025 framework requirements through our explicit attention to:

Undesirable scientific legacies that must change: the exclusion of people, perspectives and voices; the use of science to justify: systemic racism, gender bias, ableism, oppression, genocide, and xenophobia in institutions and policies; academic dishonesty in all forms; parachute science; parachute science teaching, etc

Indigenous perspectives and ways of knowing (beyond ecological issues)All 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Data science and computational thinking

An assessment system that fosters creativity, transdisciplinary sensemaking, and SEL; replaces memorization with schema-building; tracks growth in durable skills (not completion); does not rank students against one another (if Singapore can do it, so can your school)

Climate Science in every month of every year

Are your 15-year-old students up for the challenge? Is your school or community ready for change?

EduChange remains the only designers that provide a comprehensive, multi-year, classroom-tested, time-mapped, scientifically peer-reviewed, competency-based program, including all instructional content, teaching guides, student texts, performance tasks, rubrics and analytics (shout-out to Headrush Learning, our Canadian partner!).

Integrated Science is designed for flexibility & customization at the level of the learner, teacher, school, district/collective, state/province, and nation. We are ready NOW to partner and collaborate with educational leaders and government officials across the USA and globally. Contact us to learn more.