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We’d like to collaborate with GACTE members to develop community-centered, asset-based solutions to the STEM teacher & student pipeline crisis.

Catherine Saldutti,

President & Founder, EduChange

Together we can help address core areas of the EdQuest Georgia Framework

for HS Science & STEM

HS students now live in a hyperconnected, interdisciplinary world. The reality is that university STEM majors and real-world jobs are not siloed. To meet the moment, we have ensured that the Science Georgia Standards of Excellence for all HS science courses are covered in depth, while placing the standards in a novel integrated design. EduChange is the only curriculum, assessment and PD provider to embrace true and comprehensive integration of all science disciplines, technology, engineering, arts/design, literacy and math to create modern course pathways, pedagogies and assessment systems for Grades 8-12

For added flexibility, we’ve engineered 3 fully integrated pathways that can begin in Grade 8, 9 or 10.

These are laboratory-intensive science pathways with meticulously spiraled Science & Engineering Practices (SEPs) that also prep for IB/DP and AP science courses.

To address teacher shortages, below please find an initial collection of job-embedded certification, PD and university credit pathways that we can discuss during the GACTE conference.

Multi-faceted Response Leveraging Community Assets

School partners do not need more science class time or expensive equipment.

The program is accessible to all science teachers, thereby addressing teacher shortages in ANY science discipline while providing students equitable access to rigorous learning experiences in ALL science disciplines. and is accompanied by extensive on-the-job PD and coaching.

We are the only providers with comprehensive competency-based assessment systems and analytics for HS science. University leaders who wish to incorporate more of this work into their certification programs now have a complementary partner providing job-embedded experience with these modern assessment models.

We’re here to share that reliable interdisciplinary HS course pathways that have been time-tested in diverse classrooms and peer-reviewed by STEM professionals

Learn about the EduChange Integrated Science program for Ages 13-20