School closures and remote learning have accelerated schools toward change, more rapidly & chaotically than many would like. But many educators have had the chance to observe the rampant inequities & dysfunction of our conventional academic systems more closely. Many educators know they can’t go back to the way it was. So what now?

We’re thrilled to invite secondary science teachers to join a new, free Fellowship that transitions schools to our Integrated Science Program, one cohort of students at a time. Truth is, we’ve been building back better for 20 years. And while many educators thought our designs were too “forward-thinking” for the times…well, the times have caught up with us.

Launch the Fellowship by attending a 30-minute virtual meeting about The Integrated Science Program. We learn about your context, suggest possible implementation pathways, answer questions, explain how schools transition from siloed to integrated science courses, and how the Fellowship builds teacher leaders ready to make real systemic change!

Frequently Asked Questions

What science teachers can participate?

Teachers of 7th, 8th, 9th or 10th grade in 2020-21 are eligible for the Fellowship. Schools may choose a student cohort-focused Fellowship, with an eye toward launching Integrated Science in 2021-22 with a given student cohort. Both the current & next year’s science teachers may participate in the Fellowship. Or, schools consider a teacher-focused Fellowship, in which the teacher who wants to launch Integrated Science in 2021-22 can benefit from the Fellowship PD this year in preparation.

Is there a deadline?

Fellows will be accepted on a rolling basis through December 18, 2020.

Can non-science teachers participate?

The Fellowship must include a science teacher, but we welcome Special Educators, ELL specialists, Instructional Coaches, and members of a grade-level team to join the PD! Many schools use Integrated Science as a launchpad for broader academic change in grades 8-up.

How are teachers accepted into the Fellowship?

All teachers interested in this leadership-building opportunity must participate in an initial 30-minute meeting with EduChange staff. Scroll up on this page and click the button to start the scheduling process. Administrators and other teachers are welcome to join the meeting as desired. If your school has the possibility of launching Integrated Science in 2021-22 with a cohort of students, you let us know and we launch the Fellowship! The benefits begin immediately. 

Is there a cost for the Fellowship?

We are thrilled to provide teachers with all benefits of the Fellowship for free! When the school confirms participation in Integrated Science for the 2021-22 school year, teachers receive additional support in preparation for the launch.

Is there a cost for Integrated Science?

Schools pay for the Integrated Science Program according to the implementation model you select & the size of your implementation. We discuss costs with you once you have a better sense of what is possible in your context.

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