Learn About the Classroom Power Project!

For the past 20 years we've been pushing boundaries with like-minded educators who know that today's students deserve a new path forward. This is no longer an experiment--we have redesigned formal science class for Grades 8-12 and have implemented with middle and high schools for 12 years. We usually work with entire schools or networks, but for the 2020-21 school year we are also inviting single classrooms who wish to forge ahead as leaders, either as a pilot classroom in a larger school, or because there is only one classroom in your educational setting!

There is a lot of information about our Integrated Science Program on our website. Participating single classrooms will implement the program.

It is too late for an entire grade level in a regular school to participate this year. We have a limited capacity to take on single classrooms for this project. If you’d like to consider the program for a school in the 2021-22 school year, now is a great time to start learning! Download this brochure and follow the process inside (near the end of it).

The Classroom Power Project:

  • allows a single classroom of students to gain a modern, interdisciplinary science experience that begins in Grade 8, 9 or 10
  • provides modifiable (OER) instructional materials, a digital text and a performance-based assessment system
  • includes hands-on laboratory work (in school) and opportunities for student-led projects (in or out of school)
  • lasts a minimum of 2 years (students will need to stay together for science class)
  • meets local and state graduation requirements for science, can work within your normal bell schedule/class period
  • prepares students for AP or IB/DP in Grades 11-12 if desired
  • includes a lot of support for the teacher, parent education & orientation training for students
  • greatly reduces implementation costs in these uncertain times

Why not learn more? Gather a couple of interested students, parents, administrators and/or teachers & join a webinar!  

Don’t be shy—Email us if none of the scheduled time/dates work for you: info@educhange.com   

We need to meet with you NO LATER THAN June 15!

Tuesday, June 2

Thursday, June 4

Saturday, June 6