Cancer Today Data Viz Mini-Project

Students use an authentic STEM database to explore the global cancer burden. Students can work in pairs or individually on this mini-project to build their own data viz an analysis. Join us for this 30-minute demo and receive materials in OER format (Google docs), making them modifiable by teachers. Best for high school students Ages 15-18 or early undergrad/Community College students, due to the statistics that are helpful to understand, as well as the more autonomous nature of this assignment. Instructors, high school Science, Math & STEM teachers are welcome! We'll cover:

  • Related student reading tasks (active reading)
  • Students can complete asynchronously, with teacher check-ins, after some intermittent whole-class guidance
  • Great math applications–statistics, data viz, database work
  • Peer review in small groups
  • Reflection & Metacognition
  • Note: this is not about the biological mechanisms of cancer, making it useful for math & science teachers
  • Related Sustainable Development Goals (#TeachSDGs)

We are now accepting on-demand requests from teachers & schools for 30-minute webinar + materials