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Going to the Residency Lab Symposium in Los Angeles May 2-3?

Let’s meet to talk Teacher Residencies that address Gr. 8-12 science/STEM teacher shortages

We Can Help!

Coaches, Supervising Professors, Comprehensive Curriculum, Lab Tech Support

HS students now live in a hyperconnected, interdisciplinary world. 

University STEM majors and real-world jobs are NOT siloed. 

STEM teacher shortages will get worse, not better. Some California schools no longer offer Chem or Physics!

The STEM pipeline is neither secure nor diverse. 

It’s time for California teachers to meet the moment. Learn about a reliable HS course pathway that has been time-tested in diverse classrooms and peer-reviewed by STEM professionals for more than a decade

We are learning engineers. EduChange is the only curriculum, assessment and PD provider to embrace true and comprehensive integration of all science disciplines, technology, engineering, arts/design, literacy and math to create formal course pathways for Grades 8-12. We have evolved our unique designs using the NRC Framework since 2012, and provide complete CA NGSS and CAST alignments.  Many people blame the system. We redesigned it.

These are laboratory-intensive science pathways with meticulously spiraled Science & Engineering Practices (SEPs) that also prep for IB/DP and AP science courses.  DOWNLOAD a one-page summary.

For added flexibility, we’ve engineered 2-yr, 3-yr, and 4-yr options that phase in and can slide up or down the grades as schools address pandemic effects. These are A-G laboratory-intensive science pathways that begin as early as Grade 8.

You do not need more science class time or expensive equipment. And we TRIPLE the time spent doing lab work as compared to conventional UC classes.

Our designs help ANY science teacher teach successfully, and we provide extensive on-the-job PD and coaching.

We have spent the past 3 years building California place-based units of study with field partners across the state that integrate all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals for personal, local and global learning connections.

We are the ONLY providers with comprehensive competency-based assessment systems and analytics for HS science. If your current HS course pathway, curriculum or assessment model is not working the way you’d like, stop by our booth and attend our sessions. There is a different path forward, and you don’t need to start from scratch!

Environmental & Social Justice: Integrating Personal, Local & Global Perspectives

Friday, 9:30 – 10:45 am (Sierra)

Innovations for Rigor & Equity: Integrated Science Pathways Supporting UC, IB & AP

Saturday, 9:30 – 10:45 am (Catalina)

Inspired by Evidence: Integrating Published & Student-collected Data Sets

Saturday, 4:00 – 5:15 pm (Catalina)