Microbiome Biodiversity Data Activity

We've tapped a real citizen science project to help students explore biodiversity, spreadsheets, and the microbiome--all inside human bellybuttons! This lesson series includes whole-class and partner work. It is possible to do this with students who do not have prior spreadsheet experience--we've had high school juniors do it because they were new to spreadsheets. Join us for this 30-minute demo and receive materials in OER format (Google docs), making them modifiable by teachers. Best for students Ages 12-16. Science, Math & STEM teachers are welcome! We'll cover:

  • Citizen science, microbiome, biodiversity, microbial art—and yes, innies & outies!
  • Students can be semi-autonomous (i.e., with teacher check-ins, after some initial whole-class guidance) or teachers can use breakout rooms over several whole-class sessions
  • Great math applications–basic statistics, spreadsheet work
  • Note: this is not about bacterial physiology, making it useful for math & science teachers
  • Related Sustainable Development Goals (#TeachSDGs)

We are now accepting teacher and school requests for on-demand support!