3 Phases of Climate Change Lesson Series

There are 3 separate, multi-day lesson series here. Each focuses on a phase of matter: solid, liquid, gas. We will run separate 30-minute demo webinars for EACH phase. Teachers receive materials in OER format (Google docs), making them modifiable. Teach 1 series, combine all 3, or use different sections as you wish. Very flexible. Best for high school students Ages 13-18. High school Science, Math & STEM teachers are welcome! There is a lot in each lesson series, but here is a taste:

  • Related student reading tasks (active reading)
  • NASA dataviz explorations
  • PhET Sim (we built an activity for it!)
  • Try ModelAR, a mobile-phone molecular model kit!
  • photon absorption
  • Methane dataviz–yes, it’s time to study this greenhouse gas
  • Droughts, monsoons & floods–oh my!
  • Optional specific heat & salinity/ice melting hands-on demo by the teacher (you can do them safely in your kitchen, materials permitting)
  • The cryosphere, sea ice, glaciers
  • 2019 Arctic Report Card
  • 2018 USA National Climate Assessment
  • Related Sustainable Development Goals (#TeachSDGs)

We can set dates for EACH mini-project — or all 3!   

Don’t be shy—Email us to share a requested time/date: info@educhange.com